Compression socks are for everyone regardless of age

There a numerous reasons for using compression socks, no matter your age. Some people might be under the impression that they are only for the elderly or for feeble people, but that is not correct. Using special stockings with extra support which help and support the venous pumps in the legs is very beneficial. If you are going on a flight, are pregnant, battling swollen legs, or if you are an athlete. Wearing compression socks lowers the risk of getting blood clots, oedema, or varicose veins.
Stockings with extra support should be put on in the morning before the leg gets swollen, and then you will experience the effect during the day and definitely at night, where your feet are not swollen or restless. It is a very simple way of reliving tired and maybe swollen legs for a while, and most people trying compression stockings remain happy with them and continue to use them.