Compression socks increase the flow of blood in the legs

A lot of people choose running as their favourite sport. You can run whenever you have the time, and you are not dependent on a specific time of the day. And like so many other sports, you can easily spend all your money on running equipment.
One of the major trends within running is compression socks, and more often than not you see runners wearing long socks that reach up to their knees. At first glance, it may look like a fad among runners, but the fact is that most runners use these socks because they believe they make them run faster. Is that the truth, or is it just another attempt to trick money out of people who just want to get the most out of their training? Or are these socks just ineffective ”gadgets”, a bit like the nose plasters which the industry invented to earn more money?
But what is then the alleged effect of compression socks during running?
They are said to increase the blood flow at rest and during running, which according to the manufacturers results in better restitution after running. Another effect would be that running feels easier, less strenuous. This means that in the end you will be able to perform better because you do not experience the same fatigue.
Next question: Do the socks have the effect you think they have? That can be hard to establish as only very few studies exist which really prove the effect. One of these studies shows that you may experience a small improvement by wearing compression socks. But one of the major challenges of this study was that it did not take into consideration whether the effect was a placebo effect or a genuine physiological improvement. But the probability that these socks actually work is great.
This study is based on the actual running process, but the socks are also said to be useful during the recovery phase. And there is theoretical evidence that they work because of the improved blood circulation at rest which has a positive effect on the legs.
There is no doubt that we will see many more studies trying to elucidate the effect of compression socks during running. We certainly haven’t heard the last of compression socks in relation to running.